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Captain Marvel: Review by @Kush_Hayes

Captain Marvel: Review by @Kush_Hayes

If you want a Super Hero blockbuster movie featuring a strong female lead with not only a message but a story to support it along the way, then see the DCEUs Wonder Woman from 2016. Maybe you dont necessarily like blockbusters and are more into TV Series featuring a strong female lead with not only a message but a story to support it along the way, then you need to find the two seasons of ABC/Marvels Agent Carter who doesnt even have super powers and has to rely on common sense, a strong will and seeing the mission through to the end.   

Then theres Captain Marvel. The advertising for this movie by Marvel Studios hasnt been doing it for me. In fact going into this movie has felt more like an obligation than it should be as a treat. We are told that Captain Marvel is “The Strongest Character in the MCU”, but we are never told “why?”. We are shown how she gets her powers and its no real difference than how Hulk got his. The characters teacher-role model played by Jude Law explains to her to use logic over intuition. And the one time she does that is the time it gets her in trouble, but its never really referenced again when it comes time for conflict.

While this movie is a prequel, for some reason this marks the fifth time The Tesseract has become the McGuffin. The time period for this film is Summer 1995. We are treated to a barrage of Top 40 hits from the 1994-1995 era including Sheryl Crow, Hole, Salt n Peppa feat En Vogue, and even the end battle being accompanied by No Doubts “Im Just A Girl”.

Everyone seems to be agreed on Goose the Cat, and hes great, until I thought he wasnt.

By the way this movie is about two alien races at war. One individual of that race decided to hide on Earth and then developed Earths first Light Speed Engine. You know, what Han Solo has in the Millenium Falcon or Scotty is always repairing on the USS Enterprise. This for some reason means a great deal to both races who already have interstellar travel capabilities including cross dimension travel via self created wormholes in space. That sounds pretty exciting, right? It would be if they spent more time on that than Brie Larsons facial gestures.

The poster says Brie Larson is the star. The people say its Goose the Cat. The real star of this movie is Disneys unnamed Lazarus Rejuvenation technology that they never talk about these last few movies and in this case took modern day 2019 Samuel L Jackson and remolded him back to his younger self from when he was in movies like Kiss of Death from 1995.

Going back to WBs DCEU Wonder Woman, while not the best movie that year, while kind of having a flat ending, it has a story, it had a message, it had heart and most important, it was entertaining.

I found this movie just dull. The story they focus on is just not as interesting as the story thats happening around everything. This movie felt like a placeholder and everything that occurred in it happened “because”. I wish I had a better opinion on this. I normally love the MCU movies. I figured at worst, it would be entertaining, but it just wasnt. Then I thought, maybe it is me, maybe I didnt get something...

I bumped into someone I knew afterward who was enjoying a “Daddy-Daughter” moment. Dad was geeked he finally can take his daughter to the MCU movies. Daughter only remarked “I like the cat. It reminded me of ours at home.”  

One out of Six Blueberries.

Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and brief suggestive language.

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