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Avengers Endgame: Review by @Kush_Hayes (Spoiler Free)

Avengers Endgame: Review by @Kush_Hayes (Spoiler Free)

You know what, while Ill do what I can to not post any spoilers, but dont read this until youve seen the movie, however here is my score:

Four out of Six Bluberries.

Because of the demand of this movie, I dont know what is qualified as review and as spoiler. It feels like all of this movie is spoiler. But you have to know that this is a time travel movie. Meaning that things you already know can now be altered. Can be manipulated. And ultimately be devalued. Except for the things that are now enhanced.

After the events of last Spings Infinity War, the gang took a very hard hit and are still trying to piece together just how catastrophic things are. While this is going on, Tony Stark along with Nebula are stuck in space and just adrift in the void, ultimately waiting to just die. And just when things are looking their bleakest for Iron Man, that glimmer of hope arrives at the last second. Captain Marvel saves Stark and Nebula and returns them to Avengers Plaza where the reunion between him and Captain America is not a happy reunion. Its not even a civil discussion.

The surviving members of the group all decide they will Avenge the Universe and with the help of Captain Marvel go directly back to Thanos’ resident planet. Pretty simple plan. Ambush him, steal the gauntlet and “Snap everyone back”. Thanos, always thinking ahead, has already destroyed the Infinity Stones and taken some bad damage as a result of it. Instead of thinking about how to work around this, Thor just reacts and much like Highlander Endgame, decapitates The Mad Titan. Sorry, I had to work in a Highlander Endgame reference into this.

And thats when the movie begins.

Five years have passed. And everyone has evolved for better or worse because of the climax of the Infinity War. Captain America is running a self help group. Black Widow is basically the head of SHEILD now (in its most reduced state), Hawkeye has become a serial killer (of gangsters and other known mortal evil doers), Bruce Banner figures out how to merge completely with the Hulk (and steals every scene hes in), Iron Man has become a daddy, and Thor has completely let himself go and become a fat alcoholic slob, doing his best Jeff Lebowski impression that still gets referenced anyway. All while this goes on, Ant-Man has been stuck in the quantum world, completely unaware of whats been going on and thanks to coincidence is brought back to a fallen world and while five years has passed for us, only five hours has passed for him.

This is all still within the first 45 mins of our three hour epic.

This is when we jump to the time travel adventure. Or as Ant Man calls it, a “Time Heist” and that takes us through several events of the movie over the last 11 years. Not all of the movies, and definitely not all of the good movies, but the significant events and they make up some pretty neat scenes and special interactions with characters long gone from our Marvel Cinematic History. And of course with all time travel, there are obstacles not foreseen including something that never really calls out for the argument against cloud computing. At some point “Past Thanos” finds out what is going on and becomes our antagonist again. He even seems stronger without the Gauntlet too.

This movie is full of comedy, full of fantastic action, amazing special effects, never feels its length, lots of touching and emotional reunions, and even wraps a bow around everything. But its just not as impactful to me as what we saw in Infinity War. I will have to see this again, because I know I missed stuff in this. That’s just a hazard of having a 3 hour odyssey. Nothing blurry like something with Ready Player One, you can see everything that is happening clearly, but it is a lot of absorb in this film.

Nits to pick, two members of our team, to complete their objective, must engage in a fight between themselves. There are high stakes on the line in this scene and honestly its hard to tell what it is theyre doing as well and lacks any of the emotional depth we’ve been shown this movie to have. Its been on my mind since leaving the theater last night, and I just dont understand how it wasnt a better scene.

As I reread this review, it might come off as a negative, but I assure this is a good movie, however, Ive seen better and Ive seen better in this series.

Four out of Six Blueberries

Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and some language 

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