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Sicario: Day of the Soldado: Review by Kush Hayes

Sicario: Day of the Soldado: Review by Kush Hayes

I thought the original #Sicario was the most over-rated movie of its year.

It was getting amazing reviews to the point I had heard zero negativity about it.

I liked the Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro characters and wondered why we weren’t just seeing more of them.

I thought Emily Blunt going into labor quickly, successfully and quietly while trying not to be murdered by aliens who only murder when they hear the smallest sound, I thought that was more realistic that what I saw her character perform in the original Hitman In Espanol movie.

So when I saw trailers for a movie called #Soldado centered around the characters I liked and abandoning the character I didnt like, I was feeling pretty optimistic. Its almost like they got those letters I never sent criticizing their movie.

Then Soldado changed and became a bunch of names before settling on Sicario Day Of The Soldado

If youve seen the trailer, you know something goes wrong and our Dynamic Duo, trademark, will be split up, and well that happens, but its really underwhelming.

This movie says “We’re going to take all the stuff you liked and up it a notch. A WHOLE NOTCH!!” And then when it thinks it has achieved this status, it panics, thinking it went to far and a Senate Committee tries to force the ending of the movie. By the way it takes us 45 mins to end this 2 hour movie.

The buildup of the events in this movie are tense and dramatic and once the plan is set into motion, you look forward to seeing what we’re promised, Brolin & Del Toro kicking ass South of the Border - and then the plug is just pulled. The events that do lead to the operation being cancelled make you wonder if they, the powers that be, ever saw a crime movie about the cartels and make you wonder more how they didnt know that was going to be or even could be an issue.

I like the 1st half of this movie. I like the 2nd movie it becomes. I like the B-Story that weaves through all events but I am underwhelmed by its anticlimax.

It teases that we’re getting a Hitman 3, and I wont be surprised if it happens but I wont be looking forward to it either. I also thought the goals being set up for the third Sicario was achieved in the first movie.

If Sicario is to The Fugitive; Day of the Soldado is to US Marshalls

Hitman 2 Day of the Soldier gets Three out of Six blueberries.

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