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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review by Kush Hayes

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review by Kush Hayes


Upon hearing they were making Solo:A Star Wars Story I was already annoyed at the idea. This is an unnecessary story that only a very few wanted.

Having said that, this movie was better than I thought it could be. That's not great praise unfortunately.

Here are Solos strengths:

This movie is only full of talent. Woody Harrelson is always great. His characters motivations and actions are telegraphed. But in all fairness, he tells you that up front.

Donald Glover  is great as Lando Calrissian and I wish this movie had been the Lando story going into this.
Westworlds Thandie Newton is great for the 10 mins shes involved. More Thandie in this 2hr 15min movie couldnt hurt anything.

Jon Favreau s CGI character is very entertaining for his 10 mins. This movie could have benefited from only more Favreau.

Chewbacca is never boring. Im even surprised in the first half they give him some subtitles.

Alden Ehrenreich - Lets talk about the elephant in the room. Hes not Harrison Ford, but guess what, Harrison Ford isnt Harrison Ford, not any more, not how you probably remember him. Ehrenreich does a fine job as the titular character.
Its happening, its already happened, whether you like it or not. If you really really have a problem with him stepping into the Character of Han Solo, just avoid this movie. Its not for you. Star Wars is a movie for kids, and this movie is right there.

Lets talk weaknesses:
The story is thin. In fact it is two movies in one. There is no reason that the train robbery could not be the climax to this movie. Yet it is just under that half marker.

Ultimately, this is a prequel. That is the biggest weakness of this movie, that will definitely have one if not two more movies. Because its a prequel, you never feel the danger or fear the consequences our “heroes” are facing because we will meet them all again.

This movie flashes references at you. Theres a cameo at the end, that if you dont watch one of the cartoons or read one of the books, possibly, you have many questions.

As I said, this isnt bad, its better than I thought it would be, its better than it could have been. I have no need to see this again, given a split decision to see this again or Avengers Infinity War for a sixth time, Im going to go see Infinity War.

3 out of 6 blueberries

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