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My Experience With Moviepass: Day 1

My Experience With Moviepass: Day 1

A lot of my Moviepass experience from what I can gather has been based on luck, timing and maybe even geography. I had heard about Moviepass back over the summer and while I don’t remember the original asking price, I remember thinking: “That’s too good to be true.”

And I went on with my life.

Then in August I read on Facebook that it had dropped dramatically down to $9.99 a month. If you love movies like I do, this is too good to pass up now. While I’m twelve hours late from when this particular article drops, apparently everyone else had the same idea. The Moviepass website has crashed from too much traffic which sounds like a great problem to have if you’re a brand new start up.

I would talk myself out of this and 15 calendar days later I would be glad I did as I start seeing posts on my various timelines:
“every day i check my mail for my moviepass card and every day i am disappointed ”

The person behind this quote waited over a month for their card to arrive.
Finally, thanks to Facebook again, it turns out the people behind the scenes at Moviepass have slashed
prices again. This time for the low-low price of $6.95 a month. ...wow… If I don’t grab my AmEx I don’t have a pulse.

While there has been a limited time offer announced, there is no delay on the website. Im able to create an account and give a credit card number as they want the full year of $89.99 in advance.

Finally an email is sent to me saying that in 5 to 7 business days my card will be sent to me. This is also the Friday just before Thanksgiving. So My card won’t begin processing til Monday. To their credit I get a follow up email on a Tuesday saying my card is on its way.

I get concerned 7 days later I have no card but receive an email saying
“Congratulations! You should have received your card by now!” Which I haven’t.

It also thankfully has a link saying “I haven’t received my card yet”.  If you’re in this position, definitely click it - Otherwise you’ll start your service the next day, per their email.

I would receive this email only twice before finally receiving my card. I say “only” because based on twitter, people are still waiting for their card from September.
My impatience couldn’t even wait the 36 hours for the next email saying my account would begin the following day. I had also seen on twitter that people are just going to the theater and activating their cards right there. I went to my second closest theater with the full realization that this might not do anything and at the very worst I’d get some coffee across the street.

Standing under the marquee I opened the app. I selected a movie, in this case it was Murder on the Orient Express at 1230 pm, a pop-up asking me for the last 4 digits of my card appeared. I entered the information and received a green checkmark as well as instructions that I had 30 minutes to purchase my tickets for this show. There was a link to change details under that. I walked up to the box office, swiped the card like any other credit card and immediately received tickets for my movie. While it was a matinee, My card for the month was already $1.05 cheaper than my ticket.

I enjoyed my movie. I already have plans to see The Disaster Artist tomorrow. I am still preparing myself for some technicality where this experience fails. Unfortunately this is a negative forecast based on an endless stream of complaints on twitter of members who haven’t received any resolution for problems that have existed for 60 days in some

I look forward to all the awesomeness that can come from this.
I am also dreading all the nonsense that can and will come from Moviepass after they get past their
existing customer service issues. 

Do you have Moviepass?
Are you waiting for it to arrive?
Are you still waiting for it to arrive?
Share your comments below.

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