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Avengers Infinity War Teaser Trailer Recap

Avengers Infinity War Teaser Trailer Recap

There must be a subliminal signal when Marvel releases a trailer for an upcoming movie because after seeing only 2 minutes of footage I am hyped up for the May 4th release of Avengers Infinity War the 18th Theatrical release from Marvel Studios.

We start the video with a beautiful CGI planet, and a voice over from Samuel L Jackson comes over “There was an idea…” and we fade to a shot of Tony Stark on his knees surrounded by destruction grieving about something bad. Robert Downey Jr takes over the narrative which passes along phrases of Nick Furys thesis statement for the existence of The Avengers.

We then see Bruce Banner has crashed down to earth somehow and into Doctor Stranges mansion. We see more flashes of things during the Narrative; Vision looking somewhat human

Bruce Banner looks like he reunites with Black Widow who gives him a meek smile

Then cut to the Production Logo and we are 45 seconds in where you finally hear Thanos voice as Doctor Strange, Woo, Bruce Banner and Tony Stark look dismayed.

Peter Parker experiencing his Spidey Sense on a school bus as the ship from Halo hovers over the city of Manhattan. Cut to aftermath of destruction and someone stepping over dead bodies and of course it Goddamn Loki and that goddamn Tesseract - seriously, out of all the infinity gems, how has this one Macguffin been in more Marvel movies than Samuel L Jackson? Who is the Tesseracts agent?!

Finally Thanos gets off his throne and walks through some portal. We see Spider-man in his Iron Spider suit, someone throws a trident at a shadowed figure who catches it and then Black Panther issues orders to up Wakandas defenses as well as “...give that man a shield” and we see Steve Rogers step out of the shadows.

Scarlet Witch looks relieved, Black Widow murders someone, even Hulkbuster comes out to play while Steve Rogers engages in combat with an alien. Thanos chokeslams Iron Spider and finally Vision gets the Mind Gem removed from his synthetic skull - which looks wildly unpleasant.

Finally we get a great shot of Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Winter Soldier, The Hulk AND War Machine running toward the camera.


Giant Avengers Logo, sweeping horns, subtitle… post credit scene in a teaser of a trailer…

Thor is hanging out with The Guardians of the Galaxy.

This looks pretty fantastic.

Marvels The Avengers: Infinity War will be nationwide May 4th 2018.

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