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Justice League - Not a Review

Justice League - Not a Review

If you’re reading this and you plan to see Justice League or have already seen Justice League, I hope you enjoy it. You work hard, these movies are only getting more expensive and you deserve to enjoy them.

Having said all that, do not expect a review here of Justice League, at least not in 2017.

We are just hours away from the North American wide premiere of Warner Bros Justice League and I honestly have no interest or desire to see it.

This is a crazy feeling to me because Superman is my favorite superhero. The way he has been portrayed in his last two movies has just been confusing and depressing. You are supposed to leave a Superman movie or any other superhero movie in a great mood, high fiving your friends and maybe even looking for any trees with a cat stuck in them. Instead you have left irritated and you kind of want to punch your friends now.

There are and have been good things in these individual movies, but not enough to make me want to sit through what I’ve been seeing as cluttered and forced.  

I wish I felt different, but because I dont, I wont be giving the Brothers Warner any of my money tonight. I think it’s also dumb to see something with the sole intent of shitting on it for web-clicks.

In closing, if you’re seeing Justice League tonight, I hope you enjoy it.

Everyone else, we have a new Punisher series on Netflix at midnight.

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