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Blade Runner

Blade Runner

I was four years old when the Original Blade Runner was on HBO - All - The - Time. Of course it was way over my head for the time and disappointed that Chewbacca wasn’t on this adventure with Han Solo. I would later give it a serious viewing based on a friends recommendation when I was 18, maybe even 20. It did nothing for me. I don’t recall what cut it was as Theatrical and Directors cut were the only two available cuts at the time. Depending on what source I read, this movie has between 3 and 5 versions. I can’t get behind examining all these movies especially when I smooth fell asleep during my screening that night. Having said that, I had no interest in seeing Blade Runner 2049. I was pretty confused as to why you would even make a sequel to this 30+ years later. The people that like any edition of this movie are in the minority of people who don’t like it or have plain never seen it.

The few people that have seen the new Blade Runner 2049 seem to be split. It was either:
“Yeah, I liked it.” or


Obviously that’s not a direct quote, but it seems trendy to cram as much negative hyperbole into reviews of Blade Runner 2049.

It looks like a very beautiful movie, but I don’t feel like spending $20 on IMAX when narcolepsy might be a side effect.

Therefore I have no intention to review Blade Runner 2049. I dont feel like investing 3hrs of my time for the inevitable review of “I kinda thought it was boring”. If I want those emotions Ill go out of my way to watch a new episode Monday Night Raw.
If you loved Blade Runner, Im happy for you and even a little jealous.
If you hated it, lighten up and what did you think was going to happen?

Listen to me, I should take my own advice when Batman v Superman comes up in discussion.

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