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Review: The Foreigner

Review: The Foreigner

The Foreigner
Dir: Martin Campbell
1hr 54m

Starring Jackie Chan; Pierce Brosnan

Kush Hayes

When I saw the trailer for Martin Campbells The Foreigner, I was promised an intense revenge movie with lots of ass kicking and explosions with a beat by Big K.R.I.T. . Some of that is true. Its intense. It’s a revenge movie. There are explosions. And all the ass kicking is in the trailer. All of it. While that’s kind of disappointing, Jackie Chan and the character he’s playing are both old men who have lived incredible lives. There is much more going on than a revenge movie in The Foreigner, where a political drama is actually the main platform. The tragedies portrayed in the movie are very similar to what we are still seeing on the news channels today so there may be a heavier sense of gravity than there was probably intended when produced.

I really enjoyed Chans performance in this movie. While not a lot of words spoken, our hero is shown as a broken man. His body language speaks volumes of where the character is in our story. Jackie Chan shows not just a vulnerability but an intensity as he keeps moving forward to find his daughters killers.

Pierce Brosnan plays a more complicated character than the villain you think he actually isn't. I’m not sure if this is Brosnans legitimate accent or a new voice he’s created for his performance. He goes through a wide arch over the story from a dismissive bureaucrat with an agenda, to a man scarred for his family whose life is falling apart by an Angry Jackie Chan that was taken for granted.

Of course our story and characters are more complicated than the two paragraphs above. Its great to see Martin Campbell take the helm through this journey. He pulls the proper performances out our lead actors. You’re never confused which henchman is who. You’re never mad at the authorities who simply can not provide Jackie Chans character with the info he needs. Campbell’s already worked with Pierce Brosnan in 1995 on his first James Bond movie GoldenEye and then the next James Bond reboot Casino Royale. Martin Campbell has done a lot of entertaining movies and it’s a shame its taken 6 years after the disaster that was The Green Lantern from 2011 to get him back on a worldwide platform where he deserves to be.

4.5 Blueberries out of 6

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